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This 4Series plastic bulk container is forklift friendly, durable and economical. It is 100% recyclable and repairable, and comes with a four-year limited warranty. Click to learn more about about 4Series bulk material handling containers.

Fibertech Bulk Containers are durable material handling containers engineered to accommodate the most demanding and dense applications, while remaining versatile enough to handle lighter duties. These plastic bulk containers feature a high-quality design with reinforced rims, forklift accessability, supported middle with stepped design for nesting as well as ergonomically correct indentions for de-nesting. Having nestable and stackable industrial storage containers allows for the maximization of space as well as increased backhaul efficiency.

Bulk Container features and benefits:

  • Available in a variety of sizes  Show more
  • Solid, single-piece construction  Show more
  • Less lead-time necessary  Show more
  • Excellent load-bearing  Show more
  • Metal inserts available as integral parts  Show more
  • Thickness can be altered  Show more
  • Economical tooling costs  Show more
  • Resists stress-cracking and corrosion  Show more
  • Color cracking or chipping is never an issue  Show more

Fibertech plastic bulk containers are long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly. We design bulk plastic containers to customer specifications for the bulk bins you need and want. Our material handling containers include features that enhance the usefulness of your plastic bins. We offer our bulk container customers the added benefits of repair and recycling services, meaning your Fibertech, Inc. containers will last longer. Contact us to discuss your bulk container needs.

Color-code bulk containers to help you sort and organize your products. Our bulk plastic containers come in more than a dozen standard and optional colors, and we can create custom colors for orders of 50 or more industrial storage containers. Track, organize and store material handling containers by color and you don’t have to wonder what is in plastic bins high on a shelf or in a truck. The colors on our bulk bins will never crack or chip off.

Bulk containers don’t just sit on the shelves or in the warehouse; sometimes you have to move bulk bins. We’re a material handling company, so we understand your needs, and have designed our bulk plastic containers with your uses in mind. We have material handling containers with 2-way and 4-way forklift grooves. Our 2Series plastic containers have angled legs to reduce the chance of forklift damage. Bulk bins with casters can be moved by a forklift when full and pushed around by hand when empty.

Look inside our bulk containers and you’ll see we know material handling products. Our 4Series bulk plastic containers offer a smooth flat interior, while 2Series containers have a smooth channeled bottom. Both offer rounded corners to ensure easy product flow and cleaning. Our material handling containers are nestable to save you space and have ergonomic handles for easy movement and de-nesting. Fibertech Inc. is an expert in the design, creation and even repair of industrial storage containers, and our material handling products can make your work easier and more efficient.

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