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Bulk Containers – 2Series Reusable Shipping Containers

Material Handling Containers, Bulk Plastic Containers & Crates

2Series bulk containers, made with 100% virgin materials, are FDA and USDA compliant and come with a four-year limited warranty. Many sizes and colors are available. Sturdy lids, ergonomic handles and 2-way forklift-accessible channel bottoms make it easy to stack and store 2Series bulk containers. Click to view color options

Fibertech 2Series Bulk Containers feature the latest in functional design. These containers enhance durability while maximizing the cost savings associated with reusable shipping containers. Our bulk containers and combo reusable shipping bins function effectively to suit a variety of industry needs for material handling supplies. We have food grade bins as well as other material handling supplies.

2Series Specifications

Model Outside Dimensions Cu./Ft. Gallon Capacity Weight
F233 41" x 41" x 33" 29 cu/ft 218 gal 80 lbs
F236 47" x 43" x 36" 34 cu/ft 255 gal 105 lbs
F245 47" x 43" x 45" 42 cu/ft 310 gal 110 lbs
F251 43" x 43" x 51" 44 cu/ft 330 gal 120 lbs
F233 Lid 42" x 42" 35 lbs
F236 Lid 48" x 44" 35 lbs
F245 Lid 48" x 44" 35 lbs
F251 Lid 44" x 44" 35 lbs

Fibertech 2Series Bulk Containers feature 2-way forklift-accessible bulk containers designed to enhance quality and durability, while maximizing cost savings associated with reusable plastic containers. 2Series containers use a high quality one-piece design with a channeled bottom and unique angled leg design that allows forklift tines to deflect off the leg, preventing breakage or damage of the reusable shipping container. Versatile 2Series containers are ideal bulk containers for a variety of material handling applications and are well suited as combo bins for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry needs. All Fibertech reusable shipping containers are FDA and USDA compliant, and made with only 100% virgin materials.

Features and Benefits of 2Series Bulk Containers:

  • Single wall one piece design Show more
  • Ergonomic handles positioned for easy container movement and de-nesting Show more
  • Nestable when empty and stackable with lids Show more
  • Reduction or elimination of vacuum resistance created by nesting Show more
  • Smooth interior finish for efficient product flow and cleaning Show more
  • Rounded interior corners to prevent product collection points Show more
  • Standard gray, blue and natural; custom colors available Show more
  • 2-way forklift entry with forklift deflective leg design Show more
  • Strong, durable construction Show more
  • 100% recyclable and repairable Show more
  • Four-Year Limited Warranty Show more

Reusable shipping containers from Fibertech Inc. are designed with your needs in mind. Our reusable shipping bins are durable for long life and to be cost effective. Food grade bins have smooth interiors and rounded corners to make unloading products and clean-up easy. Our bulk food containers have lids to protect your products as well as making them stackable to maximize storage space.

Our reusable shipping containers come in different colors so you can color-code your material handling supplies. Reusable shipping containers use a one-piece design to add to their durability so you can use them again and again. Food grade bins have 2-way forklift entry so you can easily move heavy products, and ergonomic handles for movement by hand. These bulk food containers also come with a four-year limited warranty so you know you can count on our reusable shipping containers. Contact us to discuss your plastic container needs.

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